About Us

About Side Boat Tour

We are a family boat tour business offering you luxury trips in our Gullet in Side.

Our boat type is 12 meters wooden Gullet. The boat is in Side Harbour.

The Mediterranean has been one of the most popular sailing and bout tour holiday regions of Turkey.

Our primary goal is to serve our guests in excellence during their bout tour in Side, along the coastlines of the Turkish Riviera.

You can enjoy your holiday in luxurious surrounding when you join with your family or friends on one of our tours.

Our Gullets are run by experienced sailors, fisherman. We serve traditional Turkish Cuisine with Turkish hospitality. We know the green Manavgat River bays, fishing places, Caretta bays, crystal waters in Side Manavgat. During your blue and green tour, you can see Caretta, Dolphin, many different fishes in the clear blue waters. Watch Caretta Carettas (sea turtles), catch fish, sunbathe or discover the hidden depths of the sea by snorkelling.

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